Film night: Riverfly monitoring (and much more) on Sheffield’s prize-winning Porter Brook

So, this film is already showing on the Wild Trout Trust’s Trout in the Town site, but we reckon it’s so important that we want to mirror it here too.

Mending urban and rural rivers alike is all about restarting natural processes, as well as making sure that improvements are bedding in properly. And the work doesn’t stop when the heavy machinery leaves the area – in fact, you could say it’s really only just beginning…

In this case, SPRITE volunteers like Ant Graham are still looking after an award-winning stretch of the Porter Brook in Sheffield (daylighted just 2 years ago, already home to wild trout, and a newly vital component of the Steel City’s resilience to climate change).

Want to get started on monitoring your own stretch of river? Check out the Riverfly Partnership’s website here.

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