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Film night: Your roof is a headwater

Apart from refilling the aquifers and reservoirs, and triggering a national conversation about how we really want to manage our rivers, this winter’s record rainfall has had another tangible benefit… … providing Trout in the Town maestro Paul Gaskell with an opportunity to track the urban runoff patterns in his native Sheffield, ahead of the […]

Film night: Taking a tour of the Bradford Beck

Thanks once again to our good friend Dr Gaskell’s epic editing skillz, this week’s film night presents a reprise of this summer’s Trout in the Town sponsored Urban Rivers Conclave. This time it’s Professor David Lerner (head of the URSULA research project) taking us on an enthralling tour of the Aire Rivers Trust’s pilot for […]

Urbantrout sidecasts: Thursday 18 July

How the Welsh fly-fishing team won gold in the 2013 Rivers International on the rejuvenated Taff: Kieron Jenkins reports News from the Wandle: confirmation of the HLF’s very first urban landscape partnership scheme worth £1.9m, newly-deculverted headwaters in Croydon… and it’s open season on Himalayan balsam! Somewhere near Stanton, Mick Martin tracks down one of […]

Film night: Resilience and sharing a sense of place

Via the Wild Trout Trust’s Trout in the Town blog comes this superb video from the recent Urban River Champions’ Conclave, hosted 3 weekends ago by Salford Friendly Anglers. Over 40 minutes, keynote speaker (and urban tenkara fisher, blade-runner and river restorationist) Phil Sheridan tells a quietly riveting story of global travel, personal resilience, and […]

Film night: Wandle mills and the lessons of hydropower history

This being the UK’s National Mills Weekend, we thought we’d take this opportunity to show an intriguing little film which recently came to our attention, thanks to the excellent Wandle Industrial Museum. Almost 12 minutes of footage (somewhat hauntingly, no soundtrack) show several Wandle mill wheels still turning at some time during the 1960s or […]

Film night: Surveying Wincanton’s River Cale

What does the birth of an urban river restoration project look like? In the case of the little River Cale in Wincanton, everything seems to have started with a few beers in somebody’s garage, swiftly followed by a suitable acronym (CATCH: Community Action to Transform Cale Habitat) and one of the Wild Trout Trust’s famous […]

Film night: Biosecurity TV

Many of the rivers and streams in our towns and cities have quite enough problems already… so why risk adding any more in the form of invasive species carried by anglers and others who work and play in and around the water? In this inspiring short film that’s already going viral across the internet, Riverfly […]

Film night: Getting wet feet in Burnley

As the clocks slowly tick down towards those HLF announcements, the Ribble Rivers Trust has just released this volunteer-produced video demonstrating how much impact the URES initiative has already had amongst the communities of Burnley as part of the Ribble Life project. It’s an excellent 7-minute summary of how such a project can begin to […]

Film night: Fly-fishing the urban Potomac

Via Moldy Chum comes this intriguing trailer for the imminent 2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour, featuring four dedicated urban fly-fishermen making the most of what’s in their own backyard in Washington DC. From the film-maker’s blurb: In an unlikely setting of concrete vistas, population density and traffic nightmares, the Potomac River proves that adventure and […]

Film night: Fish passage comes to Meadowhall

Rather smaller in scale than the record-breaking demolition of the PNW’s Elwha dams, but probably no less significant for other reasons, is the very recent installation of a £300,000 multi-species technical fish and eel pass on the previously-impassable Hadfield weir in Sheffield. Via the Don Catchment Rivers Trust and A Torn Construction comes this fascinating […]

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