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The Urbantrout Diaries: Discovering the Dour

A few weeks ago the South East Rivers Trust team (with Urbantrout editor specially embedded) took a tour of Dover to find out more about another urban chalkstream, the Dour. Around this little river’s neatly ponded headwaters, manicured public parks now take the place of mill-owners’ private grounds: from here, its chalky, gravelly gradient quickly […]

Fly-fishing as urban exploration

(Photo: UK Urbex Forums) If you subscribe to the online-paywalled Sunday Times (which we don’t, preferring to go all retro-printy instead for one day a week), you may already have seen last weekend’s fascinating analysis of the now-not-so-underground concept of urban exploration.  The gonzo challenge of exploring and documenting the forbidden spaces of decommissioned factories, […]