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Trout in the Classroom 2012: South London’s carnival of the alevins

As we’ve almost come to expect here in South London, this year’s Wandle Trust Trout in the Classroom programme went off with a bang… and a triumphant release day in Morden Hall Park filmed by Philip Williams, covered by the BBC and now reported on the Wandle Trust website. It’s always inspirational to see the next […]

Film night: Jazz and urban fly-fishing in Oslo

Via those krazy kats of the Nordic Jazz & Fly Fishing collective comes this outstanding video of trout spawning in the centre of Oslo.  As guitarist-presenter Havard Stubo says: “It’s like the Kola Peninsula or something, and I’m just two minutes from a bar!” Urban fly-fishing in Norway… maybe last month’s enquiry about stocking Trout […]

Blogging it large in Bakewell…

What happens when Stanton’s leading river restorationist, Mick Martin, takes an evening off from his beloved River Erewash Foundation to pound the pavements of Bakewell on the legendary Derbyshire Wye?  Dry Fly Expert Richard Ward comes to the rescue and shows us the football-shaped, rainbow-hued goods…  (Photo: Richard Ward)

Urban fly-fishing: 10 top rivers in FF&FT

Sixteen miles upriver from central Manchester, between the cricket ground and the carpet factory in Ramsbottom, the early-season Irwell surges with smooth, deceptive power.   Raindrops splash into eddies along the banks, and a hatch of dark olives tacks across the leaden surface. Under those little grey sailboats, the trout I’ve just hooked on a dead-drifted […]

Trout in the Town: Eat Sleep Fish tells the back story

If you’ve ever wondered in an idle moment how the UK’s urban river restoration movement really got started, this freshly-minted cometh-the-hour-cometh-the-man interview with the Wild Trout Trust’s Trout in the Town project manager Paul Gaskell will probably tell you all you need to know. (Fair warning: as I’ve just suggested in this cross-post over on […]