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Miracle on the Irwell

It’s all happening in Media City. Just a few days after Nick Carter’s big lunchbreak trout hit the blogosphere, ITV News has aired this 2-minute local spot charting the Irwell’s recovery over the past 30 years, thanks largely to the (uncredited) Mersey Basin Campaign.  Chub, trout and several Salford Friendly Anglers are briefly interviewed…  This is […]

Lunch break trout

Is it possible to catch a trout on your lunch break in Manchester city centre?  As existential questions go, this one has clearly been haunting Salford Friendly Anglers‘ co-founder Nick Carter for a while. But after surviving at least one close encounter with something of the Mancunian night (hint: it’s 18 stone and wears a […]

Breaking news: Thames Water’s £400k for the Crane

It’s been months in the making… but finally comes news of a breakthrough in the negotiations on north west London’s River Crane.  As this Thames Anglers’ Conservancy report reminds us, the river suffered a catastrophic sewage spill at the end of October last year when a 6-tonne penstock jammed in Thames Water’s main sewage pipe […]