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The Urbantrout Diaries: Spinners in south London

Before our good friend Paul Sharman left MacNab Media to take up his new post with the Angling Trust, we’d been discussing a very exciting new joint venture between Urbantrout and … … dubbed The Urbantrout Diaries for reasons which might be kinda obvious already. Now, with many thanks to Paul’s successors Sofi and […]

Urbantrout sidecasts: Monday 19 August

Remembering Peter Lapsley: writer, conservationist, President of the Wandle Piscators and much more Urban fly-fishing in Germany: Tankred Rinder reports from the post-industrial River Rur in Monschau Less heat, more light? An ongoing (currently civilised and seemingly well-informed) discussion of fracking in the UK context Lost urban rivers beneath our feet, and why they’re important […]

Urban fly-fishing report: River Taff, Merthyr Tydfil

Fearless urban fly-fishers Lee Evans and Daniel Popp tackled the upper Taff this weekend, and Lee just posted this haiku-like report and pic on Facebook: Jackson’s Bridge, River Taff, Merthyr Tydfil – mad dog barking and slavering in an adjacent garden, sewage outfall into the pool and the air filled with the heady scent of […]

New research: Heavy metal resistant trout in Cornwall’s River Hayle (and other urban rivers?)

Via the Science Blog we’ve just found a fascinating piece of research carried out by the University of Exeter and Kings College London, funded by NERC and the Salmon & Trout Association… … studying how the trout of Cornwall’s River Hayle have evolved to survive in waters with post-industrial heavy metal concentrations, including lead, cadmium, […]