Film night: Reviving the River Irk with Mike Duddy

Our urban warrior brother-in-arms Mike Duddy has just announced his well-earned retirement from Mersey Rivers Trust, after 13 years which saw him progress from volunteering with its predecessor Mersey Basin Rivers Trust (and heading up Salford Friendly Anglers) to full-time employment with the Trust in several senior roles.

To celebrate Mike’s time with MRT, we’re showcasing his recent film about the River Irk, once counted among the UK’s top 10 trout streams, and now recovering again, thanks to initiatives like water quality monitoring and habitat improvements such as water crowfoot planting. It’s a story of hope, at a time when many of our rivers are suffering more seriously than ever from sewage, agriculture and other insults.

Congratulations on your legacy at Mersey Rivers Trust, Mike… and no doubt we’ll see you out on Manchester’s rivers again soon enough!

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