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Urbantrout sidecasts: London Olympics edition

From the source of the Thames in a green and pleasant land to dark satanic mills, the forging of the Five Rings and the invention of the www that enables blogs like this, Danny Boyle’s awe-inspiring “Isles of Wonder” charts the transformation of Britain by the world’s first Industrial Revolution (But… did someone forget to […]

Film night: Urban river habitat improvement

For several years the Wild Trout Trust has been working closely with the Wandle Trust to improve habitat for trout and other species on South London’s most famous urban chalkstream.  In this excellent little case study video, filmed last autumn by Fish On Productions, Trout in the Town programme manager Paul Gaskell (yes, it’s that […]

Urban getaway: Winchester

With most of the Wandle running high, coloured and functionally un-fly-fishable for weeks (thanks to persistent pulses of urban runoff from surrounding square miles of roads, car parks and paved front gardens, to say nothing of randomly-clustered diesel and cooking oil spillages), one or two Wandle Piscators needed a break.  So we took one …

Urbantrout sidecasts: Wednesday 11 July

Urban flooding: UK government advisers point the finger at celebrity gardeners Double trouble for the Wandle: First red diesel, now cooking oil Revitalising urban rivers: Bella Davies, Angela Gurnell and Dave Webb talk to NERC in South London Trout in the distillery? Paul Gaskell dispenses wise habitat advice in Oban Big brown water on the Kelvin: […]

Urban fly-fishing: 10 top tips in Eat, Sleep, Fish

Having spent the last couple of years travelling around the UK, visiting the Wild Trout Trust’s Trout in the Town chapters and investigating the state of our urban rivers at the start of the 21st century, I’ve come to the startling but joyful conclusion that there’s probably now more water in and around our towns […]