Fly Culture: Nick Thomas finds wildness on the Taff

Behind the frankly stunning cover image from AD Maddox, the latest issue of Pete Tyjas’s Fly Culture magazine contains the usual rich mix of writing and photography…

… Dan Osmond’s right to roam on Dartmoor, Ben Jailler braving ‘The Silence of the Lagg’, Adrian Grose-Hodge interviewing Bob DeMott, Jon Brett-Harris taking riverside walks…

… and the kind of thoughtful urban fishing interlude we always love to read from Nick Thomas. Like his video which we featured here a few months ago, it’s an immersive meditation on exactly ‘what defines wild?’ and his conclusions encompass the essence of wildness which so many of us find on urban rivers.

The Spring 2024 issue of Fly Culture is available here: go get yours before they sell out!

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