Film night: Wild is Where You Find It

As we roll slowly towards the close of the year, it’s natural to look back at the fishing season and maybe even feel a bit contemplative. And this time round the sun, we’ve seen no better tribute to the last 12 months on the water than this new film from Nick Thomas.

Nick will already be familiar to Urbantrout readers, thanks to his city-river contributions to Fly Culture magazine. Wild is Where You Find It similarly showcases the Taff in Cardiff, with well-framed action sequences, satisfying numbers of fish-beauty shots, tackle tips for those who wonder about the technicalities, and a soundtrack that’s beautiful, meditative and overlaid with seasonal bird songs.

Above all, there’s a kind of stillness at its heart, the quietness we’d all like to bring back from the river. If you watch nothing else at the cold, dark end of 2022, this year-long exploration of an urban wilderness is more than worth your time.

Nick’s books, Fly Couture and Imaging Imitations, are available via Blurb, and also come highly recommended!

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