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Film night: Carp in the Bronx

OK, so no adipose fins were implicated in the making of this movie. But here at we have the deepest respect for any fish caught anywhere in the concrete jungle… maybe most of all if it’s hooked, played and landed on a fly-rod. Via Orvis News, Moldy Chum and The Marble Trout come 3 […]

Urban fly-fishing report: Rea Brook, Shrewsbury

Urbantrout reader Spencer Clayton fishes many Borderland rivers including the Teme and Onny – and after reading chapter 21 of Trout in Dirty Places earlier this year, he’s been inspired to start exploring Shrewsbury’s magical little Rea Brook too. At the end of last week he sent us this great catch report and selection of […]

Urbantrout sidecasts: Thursday 20 September

Trout in (maybe slightly less Dirty, market-towny sorts of) Places: Urban fly-fishing breaks cover in this week’s Shooting Times magazine What’s Environment Agency NW planning for Manchester’s River Medlock? We’ll investigate and let you know! Digging up the river: after the Wandle’s latest pollution incident, fish passage work continues as planned… … while Peter Lapsley […]

Pic of the day: Psychoanalysis for litterbugs

A fly-tipper’s (if also proof-reader‘s) pause for thought, via South Africa’s Guerrilla IMC and the Wandle Trust‘s Claire Bedford…

Weir, what weir? Bolton’s Croal shows us how it’s done…

As any fule kno experienced river restorationist knows, there’s really not much point in trying to work against a river’s natural processes: in the end it’ll do what it wants to do anyhow, so you might as well just get out of the way. Which is why we’ve been so brim-full delighted to read the latest […]