Film night: The Wandle at risk

One way and another, south London’s River Wandle never seems to be far from the news, but it’s been accumulating stories at impressive pace in the last few weeks.

Maybe the biggest headlines landed (for instance, in the Sun and Angling Times) when local angler Hector Rodriguez unexpectedly struck into a spawned-out salmon kelt whilst fly-fishing for barbel…

… but there’s also been plenty of social media chatter around this new(ish) Wandle film from Bobby Dean about the sewage pollution threat to the river’s miraculous recovery in recent decades: a problem that’s shared by most other rivers in the UK too.

Bobby’s film summarises the industrial history of the river, meets some of the current generation of people who are looking after it, and ends with a plea to sign a new petition, organised by Sutton Liberal Democrats, against sewage dumping.

Meanwhile, Claire Zambuni’s UK River Summit 2024 will be held on 21 May at Morden Hall Park, where the South East Rivers Trust (previously the Wandle Trust) has been leading recent river restoration works, and the National Trust’s fishing has now been leased to the Wandle Piscators.

Stay tuned, too, for details of more than one special Wandle fishing experience – coming up soon in the Wild Trout Trust’s Spring Auction!

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