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Urbantrout sidecasts: Monday 13 January

Salmon in the Stour: part of the International Year of the Salmon, and an epic new challenge for one Black Country trout fisherman! Rewilding our cities: Copenhagen’s Amager Nature Centre shows how learning from nature can make great future places to live Exciting proposals for a new wetland on South London’s Hogsmill River, as development […]

Urbantrout sidecasts: Monday 5 February

Finding Bruce the shark: latest community cleanup news from the Wandle … but it’s double trouble for the Hogsmill, and all that fly-tipping in Wandsworth is getting way beyond a joke Trout in the Town: updates from Birmingham and Coventry Defending Richmond Park’s Beverley Brook from urban runoff (Part 2 – here’s part 1) … […]

Film night: Thanks from the Wandle!

When you’ve spent a decade (or more) steadily working away at mending the headwaters of an urban river… … you end up with lots of friends to thank. So the team at the Wandle Trust (now grown up into the South East Rivers Trust) made this video to celebrate the upper Wandle project’s success at […]

Urbantrout sidecasts: Monday 15 June

The urban trout of a lifetime? Just like that, Manchester’s mighty Irwell system gives up a double for Stewart Carson (and maybe a sea trout too?) Tenkara in the Town hits Sheffield’s Hillsborough College Daylighting the Roch: work starts in Rochdale town centre Now open to the public for the first time in 100 years, a […]

Film night: Your roof is a headwater

Apart from refilling the aquifers and reservoirs, and triggering a national conversation about how we really want to manage our rivers, this winter’s record rainfall has had another tangible benefit… … providing Trout in the Town maestro Paul Gaskell with an opportunity to track the urban runoff patterns in his native Sheffield, ahead of the […]

Film night: Toxic bioaccumulation in post-industrial rivers… are urban fish safe to eat?

This is an issue that’s kept UK-based river restorationists awake at night for years – but never with quite enough evidence to convince regulatory colleagues that toxic bioaccumulation of arsenic, mercury, PCBs, endocrine-disrupting flame retardants and other contaminants probably works the same at the apex of our inland waterways’ food webs as it does in […]

Urban getaway: Winchester

With most of the Wandle running high, coloured and functionally un-fly-fishable for weeks (thanks to persistent pulses of urban runoff from surrounding square miles of roads, car parks and paved front gardens, to say nothing of randomly-clustered diesel and cooking oil spillages), one or two Wandle Piscators needed a break.  So we took one …

Urbantrout sidecasts: Wednesday 11 July

Urban flooding: UK government advisers point the finger at celebrity gardeners Double trouble for the Wandle: First red diesel, now cooking oil Revitalising urban rivers: Bella Davies, Angela Gurnell and Dave Webb talk to NERC in South London Trout in the distillery? Paul Gaskell dispenses wise habitat advice in Oban Big brown water on the Kelvin: […]

Riding the storm: River Chess gets extra STW capacity

Great news this morning from the River Chess in north west London, where Thames Water have just doubled the stormwater storage capacity of their Chesham sewage treatment works.  The River Chess Association was formed in 2009 in direct response to local concerns about “black water” discharges from these works, whose headwater location often contributes more than […]