Urban fly-fishing report: River Taff, Merthyr Tydfil

River Taff at Jacksons Bridge, Merthyr Tydfil - Lee Evans

Fearless urban fly-fishers Lee Evans and Daniel Popp tackled the upper Taff this weekend, and Lee just posted this haiku-like report and pic on Facebook:

Jackson’s Bridge, River Taff, Merthyr Tydfil – mad dog barking and slavering in an adjacent garden, sewage outfall into the pool and the air filled with the heady scent of skunk.

Subsequent reports have told us they caught a good number of fish to around 17 inches. But because catching isn’t always the whole point, we surely recognise wince salute all those other timeless joys of urban fly-fishing when we see ‘em too…

(Photo: Lee Evans)

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