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Urban fly-fishing report: River Tame, Saddleworth

In bitterly cold conditions that he could only describe afterwards as raining, snowing, sleeting, absolutely everything…  … Urbantrout editor-at-large (and key consultant on Trout in Dirty Places) Richard Baker spent his northern opening day fly-fishing the urban upper reaches of the Mersey system controlled by Saddleworth Angling Society. When his fingers had thawed enough to […]

Miracle on the Irwell

It’s all happening in Media City. Just a few days after Nick Carter’s big lunchbreak trout hit the blogosphere, ITV News has aired this 2-minute local spot charting the Irwell’s recovery over the past 30 years, thanks largely to the (uncredited) Mersey Basin Campaign.  Chub, trout and several Salford Friendly Anglers are briefly interviewed…  This is […]

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