Urbantrout peaked beanies: Now in steel blue stripe!

Urbantrout beanie hats 3

Winter grayling season is fully here in the UK, so it’s time to start piling on that cold-weather gear again. And in our experience (though we say it ourselves) there’s little better for keeping the bitter chill at bay than Urbantrout’s exclusive eco-branded beanie hats.

This year we’re celebrating urban grayling season by adding a new colour to the Urbantrout range: steel blue, in honour of the great old grayling fly pattern of the same name.

As usual, a full 10% of profits from these beanie hats will go directly to help fund urban river restoration projects, and they’re available right now in the Urbantrout shop.

Grab yours today, and feel warm inside and out this winter!


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Film night: Tying the Squirminator

Full disclosure: we haven’t tried or even tied any of these new-from-Stateside late Hallowe’en horrors jig patterns ourselves yet…

… although it’s perfectly possible we know a few people who have.

But if there’s a filthy hot fly pattern that’s catching winter grayling out there on our chilly urban rivers, we think Urbantrout’s faithful readers should be told. (That way, you can make your own mind up… right?)

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Urbantrout sidecasts: Monday 3 November

Urban fishing - Andy Buckley

(Photo: Andy Buckley)

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Pic of the day: At the sign of the Slammin’ Salmon

Southpark Seafood, Salmon St, Portland, OR

Time was when any self-respecting retail establishment advertised its wares with a fully three-dimensional sign hanging from its frontage or occupying the street outside.

Those days are now mostly gone (though it’s worth noting that the Flyfishers’ Club boasts a life-size wooden mannequin of a 19th-century angler in its collections, and sometimes uses that vintage angler’s silhouette as an unofficial club logo).

But this superb piece of urban art, blasting through somebody’s corner office on Salmon Street in Portland to signify the Southpark Seafood store, looks set to revive that grand old retailers’ tradition.

To whoever commissioned this magnificent salmonid signage… respect!

(Photo: via Unicoi Outfitters)

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Urban fly-fishing report: River Don, Sheffield

Urban Don trout - Howard Sooley

Professional photographer (and regular reader of Urbantrout.net, not to mention Trout in Dirty Places) Howard Sooley has generously shared this beautifully contemplative collection of shots taken recently on Sheffield’s River Don.

In these quiet, low-water weeks when urban trout-fishing shades into the hunt for inner-city grayling…

… it’s all about slowing it down with stealth, accuracy, and the very tiniest of flies.

Wooded urban Don - Howard Sooley

Urban Don - Howard Sooley

Grayling dorsal fin - Howard Sooley

Urban grayling - Howard Sooley

(All photos: Howard Sooley)

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Urbantrout sidecasts: Monday 22 September

Trout shout - Paul Gaskell

(Photo: Manchester City Council)

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Pic of the day: Urban trout

Wandle trout - summer 2014

Recently caught and safely released not far from all these works currently being carried out by the Wandle Trust and Cain Bio-Engineering in the Hackbridge area of the Wandle…

… with the aim of creating and rewilding lots more habitat for this stunning little salmo trutta and many more to come.

Wild trout in south London: we never cease to be amazed.

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Film night: What the #### was that?

Part urban flyfishing media trailer, part post-apocalyptic zombie movie, this short film from the studio of our good friend Angelo Piller (northern Italian fishing guide and Reelvideo editor) is one you owe it to yourself to watch…

… even if we have no idea where he found this location in the otherwise-idyllic Dolomites.

(And if, like us, your Italian’s not completely up to scratch, you may find the final black-screen voiceover just that bit more spookily hair-raising…)

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Urbantrout sidecasts: Monday 28 July

Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) perched in an urban waterway in London, UK.

(Photo: Tomos Brangwyn)

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Pic of the day: Urban sofa fishing

Sofa fishing - Dom Garnett

En route to this year’s CLA Game Fair (where he spent the weekend selling his new range of flies for coarse fish and signing copies of his latest book Canal Fishing)…

… our good friend Dom Garnett stopped off in Leicester to explore the Soar with local expert ‘Skateboard Dave’ Egginton…

… and found this comfy mid-stream sofa perfectly placed for a nice sit down when grappling big nasty urban trout, chub and perch all got a bit tiring and stressful.

(Separate but related note: is that a cult classic modern glass Kabuto or Butter Stick we see clutched in Skateboard Dave’s exhausted hand? If so, we like their style even more!)

(Photo: Dom Garnett)

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