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Urbantrout’s online shop is open!

It’s a real thrill to announce that our new online shop is now open, selling our introductory range of Urbantrout branded hoodies, t-shirts, fishing caps, and even window stickers for your fishing wagon – as well as signed copies of Trout in Dirty Places (just in case you haven’t got yours yet). Click here to […]

Launching Urbantrout’s new urban fly-fishing gear!

Today we’re delighted to announce a major development for Urbantrout: the launch of our new range of urban street-style fly-fishing gear… … with 10% of annual profits going directly to help fund urban river restoration projects. As we’ve said over on our full announcement page… If you want to stroll the banks of a manicured […]

Rivers by Design: A new primer for urban and post-industrial river restorationists everywhere

Last week’s annual River Restoration Centre conference was buzzing with conversation about an exciting new publication by the EU LIFE+ funded RESTORE partnership project: the Rivers by Design manual. Rivers by Design is subtitled A guide for planners, developers, architects and landscape architects on maximising the benefits of river restoration. So it was always likely […]

Urbantrout has a new tag!

Thanks to some amazingly nifty design skillz from our good friends Duncan Soar (urban fly-fisher, IT guru and photographer extraordinaire) and Dominic Skinner (designer of the iconic Dunk Mug) … … the Urbantrout logo has gone all conceptual, weathered and (we reckon) damnably funky. So the only question now is: what else should we do […]

Urbantrout sidecasts: Monday 25 February

Midcurrent reviews the latest Orvis fly-fishing sling pack (we’re loving the digital camo colourway for stealthy urban ops… stay tuned for something special!) Retreat from trouble: the Porter Brook’s native white-clawed crayfish are evacuated from Sheffield city centre to a high-altitude ark site somewhere in the surrounding Pennines A few miles upstream from that tunnel, […]

Urban fly-fishing: 10 top tips in Eat, Sleep, Fish

Having spent the last couple of years travelling around the UK, visiting the Wild Trout Trust’s Trout in the Town chapters and investigating the state of our urban rivers at the start of the 21st century, I’ve come to the startling but joyful conclusion that there’s probably now more water in and around our towns […]

Trout in Dirty Places hits the headlines

As I confessed on my personal blog just before the official launch of Trout in Dirty Places, it’s difficult to deny that I didn’t sit down all those months ago and plan to write a book which might appeal to a wider audience than the usual fly-fishing community.  But there’s planning, and then there’s what […]


Trout only live in beautiful places. It’s an idea that’s been trotted out by countless angling writers. But it’s no longer totally true. Since the 1980s, when the western world’s heavy industry began its long march east, and governments woke up to the importance of environmental stewardship, the lines have started to blur. Better sewage […]

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