Film night: Resilience and sharing a sense of place

Via the Wild Trout Trust’s Trout in the Town blog comes this superb video from the recent Urban River Champions’ Conclave, hosted 3 weekends ago by Salford Friendly Anglers.

Over 40 minutes, keynote speaker (and urban tenkara fisher, blade-runner and river restorationist) Phil Sheridan tells a quietly riveting story of global travel, personal resilience, and how they’re now reflected in his sense of advocacy and connectedness with his local River Worth in the old milling town of Keighley.

Restoring an urban river, he reminds us, isn’t so much about proving anything to anyone as seeing what you can do with the resources you’ve got at the time. You’ll probably never guess where your efforts may eventually lead… But if you don’t try and do something, who else is going to do that thing that makes a difference?

More than this we won’t even try to reveal, but we highly recommend following film-maker Paul’s advice to get yourself a brew and a biscuit and give yourself a chance to absorb his presentation – it could change your life…

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  1. Sam Millington says:

    Hi I also fish on the worth and it is a beautiful river I would like the chance to meet up and have a good talk about the river and also help with some cleaning maybe my name is Sam and I live near Keighley

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