Happy Christmas to all Urbantrout’s readers!

Urbantrout Xmas 2014

Originally conceived as a unique and inspirational art project by London-based illustrator Jane Porter, the Wandle Alphabet is wholly formed from objects pulled out of the Wandle by volunteers during monthly community river cleanups.

This festive arrangement of the letters was specially created for the Wandle Trust’s charity fundraising Christmas card in 2010. Ever since then, here at Urbantrout, we’ve reckoned it’s the perfect seasonal representation of the vast variety of rubbish you’ll find in most city rivers – as well as the hidden beauty that’s also waiting to be discovered by those with the twisted discernment to appreciate it.

(Jane tells us the false teeth U is her favourite, but we’re pretty keen on ironically recycling that Mercedes badge as a Y…)

Many thanks to everyone who’s read and supported Urbantrout this year, a very Happy Christmas to you all… and bring on 2015!

Limited-edition A1 sized posters of Jane’s full Wandle Alphabet are available via her website, with all proceeds going to the Wandle Trust’s future work: click here to find out more about the Alphabet and her other outstanding design projects, or here to email her directly.

(Original Wandle Alphabet and card design: Jane Porter)

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