Pic of the day: At the sign of the Slammin’ Salmon

Southpark Seafood, Salmon St, Portland, OR

Time was when any self-respecting retail establishment advertised its wares with a fully three-dimensional sign hanging from its frontage or occupying the street outside.

Those days are now mostly gone (though it’s worth noting that the Flyfishers’ Club boasts a life-size wooden mannequin of a 19th-century angler in its collections, and sometimes uses that vintage angler’s silhouette as an unofficial club logo).

But this superb piece of urban art, blasting through somebody’s corner office on Salmon Street in Portland to signify the Southpark Seafood store, looks set to revive that grand old retailers’ tradition.

To whoever commissioned this magnificent salmonid signage… respect!

(Photo: via Unicoi Outfitters)

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