Pic of the day: Glen Pointon represents the Trent

Given a choice of home waters that includes the legendary Derbyshire Dove and Wye, you might expect occasional Urbantrout contributor Glen Pointon to pick one of those iconic limestone streams to represent the spirit of his fishing experience.

But challenged by fellow guide Lewis Hendrie to post a favourite fishing photo on Facebook (just one of several trending attempts to drown out some of the noise of political strife currently dominating social media) he’s only gone and posted a selfie from one of the River Trent’s most starkly brutalist stretches…

… complete, of course, with a trophy trout caught on a righteous dry fly.

Which also makes this photo a kind of memorial – recording as it does the recent glory days of yet another unsung urban river, just before it got wiped out in one of the worst pollution incidents we’ve known (and believe us, we’ve known a few).

And to Glen, for all of that, we say: Respect.

(Photo: Glen Pointon)

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