Pic of the day: Lest we forget…

Wandle cleanup 081115 - Wandle Trust

It’s already gone kinda viral across several social media channels… but now this astonishing shot of rubbish pulled out of the Wandle has also appeared in the Wandle Trust’s full report on Remembrance Sunday’s community cleanup

… we reckon it’s well worth reposting here for the record.

On this evidence, the Plough Lane (aka Barbel Alley) stretch of the Wandle is now one of the river’s worst fly-tipping blackspots, rivalling even the legendary Trewint Street in Earlsfield (check out what’s already been pulled out of this reach in February 2015 and November 2014 within the last year alone!)

Our friends at the Wandle Trust are still trying to work out exactly where all this rubbish is coming from. North Road bridge? further up the Graveney? down the opposite bank (gasp) from the allotments?

If you’ve got any ideas, don’t be shy about letting them know

(Photo: Wandle Trust)

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