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Urbantrout sidecasts: Monday 25 November

‘Sculpin’, ‘Trout’ and ‘Shrimpy’ go urban grayling fishing somewhere up north… no hotspotting here! Salford Friendly Anglers launch their revamped website, including an urgent appeal to stand up for the Irwell in the Environment Agency’s Challenges and Choices consultation London calling: making headlines in The Angler, undoing historic dredging and impoundment damage on the Hogsmill, and […]

Film night: Toxic bioaccumulation in post-industrial rivers… are urban fish safe to eat?

This is an issue that’s kept UK-based river restorationists awake at night for years – but never with quite enough evidence to convince regulatory colleagues that toxic bioaccumulation of arsenic, mercury, PCBs, endocrine-disrupting flame retardants and other contaminants probably works the same at the apex of our inland waterways’ food webs as it does in […]

Breaking news: Sewage hits the Wandle

South London’s River Wandle has had a tough year so far: first a spill of red diesel into its headwaters at Croydon, next a persistent discharge of cooking oil and fat into the back carriers at Morden Hall Park… … and now a spate of sewage from Thames Water’s Beddington sewage treatment works, triggered by […]

Riding the storm: River Chess gets extra STW capacity

Great news this morning from the River Chess in north west London, where Thames Water have just doubled the stormwater storage capacity of their Chesham sewage treatment works.  The River Chess Association was formed in 2009 in direct response to local concerns about “black water” discharges from these works, whose headwater location often contributes more than […]