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The Urbantrout Diaries: Taking the fight to invasive non-native species

Just in case you missed it last week, the latest instalment of the Urbantrout Diaries series went live on Thursday, revealing some of the background and thinking behind the soon-to-be-published guide to tackling invasive non-native species entitled Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing: Even whilst relishing the totally counterintuitive wonder of urban fly-fishing, a sense of […]

The Urbantrout Diaries: Wet weather in Wincanton

We’re delighted to announce that the fifth episode of The Urbantrout Diaries has just been published, this time featuring an exciting new Trout in the Town project in Somerset: Community Action to Transform the Cale Habitat (CATCH for short: never underestimate the value of a finely crafted acronym!) has enjoyed the same meteoric rise as […]

The Urbantrout Diaries: Spawning time

This is the time of year which often shows even the best angler exactly what he’s been failing to catch all season… When I walked downriver the following afternoon, the trout were still there: two big fish cruising the daylight shallows like nuclear submarines, with their grey backs half out of water and clear wakes […]

The Urbantrout Diaries: Discovering the Dour

A few weeks ago the South East Rivers Trust team (with Urbantrout editor specially embedded) took a tour of Dover to find out more about another urban chalkstream, the Dour. Around this little river’s neatly ponded headwaters, manicured public parks now take the place of mill-owners’ private grounds: from here, its chalky, gravelly gradient quickly […]

The Urbantrout Diaries: Bashing balsam

The second episode of The Urbantrout Diaries recently went live on… For the first couple of years, it seemed our balsam-bashing efforts would never get off the stretch of river at Richmond Green, right where the infant Wandle trickles out of a concrete culvert on the boundary between Sutton and Croydon, echoing with post-industrial mockery […]

The Urbantrout Diaries: Spinners in south London

Before our good friend Paul Sharman left MacNab Media to take up his new post with the Angling Trust, we’d been discussing a very exciting new joint venture between Urbantrout and … … dubbed The Urbantrout Diaries for reasons which might be kinda obvious already. Now, with many thanks to Paul’s successors Sofi and […]