The Urbantrout Diaries: Wet weather in Wincanton

Cale 3 - Steve Lee

We’re delighted to announce that the fifth episode of The Urbantrout Diaries has just been published, this time featuring an exciting new Trout in the Town project in Somerset:

Community Action to Transform the Cale Habitat (CATCH for short: never underestimate the value of a finely crafted acronym!) has enjoyed the same meteoric rise as many urban river restoration groups in recent years… 

Via phone calls, emails, Facebook pages and what may have been the very first Wild Trout Trust Advisory Visit completely filmed on an iPhone, I’ve taken great pleasure in watching this project go viral: galvanising other local people, getting the council and Environment Agency on side, developing partnerships with local businesses like Partridge Hooks, running a stand at the new Wincanton street market…

Please click through to for the full story of this community river group’s impressive progress so far… and check out the CATCH website if you’d like to get involved!

(Photo: Steve Lee, CATCH)

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