Urbantrout Kryptek camouflage fishing caps land a cameo role in Channel 4’s Eden

Urbantrout cap on Eden

What if we could start all over again… and what would you take with you if you could?

That’s the premise of Channel 4’s new reality / survival show Eden. 23 participants have been marooned on a remote Scottish peninsula for a year, and left to fend for themselves. Each person has been allowed to take a backpack full of personal gear… and one of them brought his trusty Urbantrout Kryptek fishing cap to help him survive a year in the wild.

Before heading out to Ardnamurchan, Wandle Trust volunteer Lloyd Morgan founded the Fishing London guide service, so we already know he’s got a keen eye for gear that gives you an edge in the toughest conditions.

And with their revolutionary bi-level camouflage shading, black under-brim to cut glare, and trucker-style mesh construction for coolness and breathability, that’s exactly what this latest range of Urbantrout caps is designed to provide.

You can watch the latest from Eden every Monday evening on Channel 4 in the UK…

… and Urbantrout fishing caps are available right here in the Urbantrout shop, with 10% of profits going to help river restoration projects.

Click here to grab yours today!

Urbantrout Kryptek Highlander cap

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