Urbantrout Kryptek Highlander camouflage fishing caps are here!

Urbantrout Kryptek Highlander cap

This is one we’ve been waiting to bring to Europe, the UK and the Urbantrout store for more than a year: a fishing cap in hands-down the most outrageously funky camo pattern we’ve ever seen.

According to the ‘battlefield to back country’ developers’ notes, Kryptek’s crisp, graphic camouflage has been blended from a combination of bi-level layering, transitional shading and sharp random geometrical foregrounds that create a three-dimensional effect for ultimate levels of concealment at long and short range.

Not surprisingly, Kryptek is one of three patterns currently shortlisted for the US Army’s Future Soldier programme.

Better still, the latest Highlander blend of colours has been optimised for just the kind of varied terrain where we’re fishing today – from remote hills and woods to concrete edgelands and our favourite urban jungles.

What does all this mean? In summary, you’re looking at the world’s most cutting-edge camo for the truly hyper-stealthy fish hunters among us. (Even the US Army hasn’t got this stuff yet!)

And best of all, for the first time in Britain and Europe, Kryptek’s authentic Highlander pattern is now available as a trucker-style fishing cap right here in the Urbantrout store – with free UK shipping and 10% of profits going to help fund urban river restoration projects.

By now you’ll know stealth is important, wherever you fish…

Click here to grab your Urbantrout Kryptek cap today!

Urbantrout Kryptek Highlander caps 2

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