Urbantrout peaked beanie hats: Grab yours today!

Urbantrout beanie hats

Now September’s almost two weeks old, we’ve suddenly started noticing a real chill in the air… and we’re doubly delighted to announce the arrival of our super-funky new range of urban steelheader-style beanies.

From our description over in the Urbantrout shop:

Whatever this winter throws at you, you’ll fish more effectively when you’re wearing one of our double-layered cable-knit beanie hats. They’re designed with a short front peak to shield your eyes from the worst of the rain, snow and sleet, while a heavy fold of fabric (subtly tagged with the Urbantrout logo) pulls right down to keep your ears warm. Generously sized, too, so you can even make like a proper Trout Bum steelheader and wear yours over a baseball cap!

Priced at just £20 plus P&P, in a choice of Chocolate or Olive stripe, these exclusive new beanies can be purchased online right here, right now.

As usual, 10% of profits from these hats will go to fund urban river restoration projects. Get properly geared up for winter – grab yours today!

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