Film night: Fishing the Dodder in Dublin

The moment when we realised that good trout really were starting to return to the Wandle is vividly burned into the Urbantrout team’s collective memory here in south London.

It was April 2008: we were just getting ready for the first big Wandle Piscators’ annual club dinner, and one of us found a truly sensational photo of a Wandle trout on the internet by a bloke called Jeremiah Quinn.

(Apart from being a pioneering Alistair Stewart-style blogger, fly-fisher and photographer, he had a sense of humour too… that beautiful supermodel of a trout came from Croydon, so her name could only be Kate).

As far as we can tell, Jeremiah’s original blog is long gone (someone tell us if it’s not?) but we’re glad to see he’s still getting a little urban fishing into his schedule as an international film maker.

Grab a cold one, and settle back for some relatively rough-cut footage of rising trout on the Dodder in Dublin.

(Oh, and for posterity, here’s that shot of the Wandle trout called Kate…)

A trout called Kate - Jeremiah Quinn

(Photo: Jeremiah Quinn)

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  1. Jack Prndergast says:

    The Dodder is my home river and would try to fish it at least once a week. It has been fishing unbelievably well at the moment with fish coming to small olive patterns. In the evenings they have been smashing sedges that are hatching. There are some good sized fish turning up as well with some close to 1lb. They can be pretty frustrating as you can see in the video you posted you’ll miss a fair few of the fish.

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