Film night: Fly-fishing the urban Potomac

Via Moldy Chum comes this intriguing trailer for the imminent 2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour, featuring four dedicated urban fly-fishermen making the most of what’s in their own backyard in Washington DC.

From the film-maker’s blurb:

In an unlikely setting of concrete vistas, population density and traffic nightmares, the Potomac River proves that adventure and epic fishing are available to everyone on a daily basis. DC fly fishermen have embraced that concept through an online community that provides a 21st century, Web 2.0 take on passionately protecting our water resources for the future and connecting with the people around us. It’s about thinking globally and fishing locally.

And from the trailer itself:

The idea that you only go and fish in an exotic place and don’t really give a crap about where you live is a bad dynamic for all of us… It’s really about fishing where you are… You can connect with the environment and the natural order of things just by going fishing in the city.

We’ll say amen to that, brothers.

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