Film night: Glen Pointon takes us to the hell-hole

It’s interesting to see how the idea of vlogging has come back round the loop again: maybe it never quite went away, but we’re sure there was some kind of hiatus between the old-skool DSLR / point-and-shoot cameras, and the new wave of smartphone streaming, Instagram stories and, well, you get the picture…

Anyway, vlogging looks like it’s back again, with a new generation of edgy urban fly-fishing faces like Damon Valentine (aka LondonFlyfisher) and Glen Pointon, who’s gearing up his new series of vlogs with this introduction to his ‘hell-hole’ home stretch of the urban Trent in Stoke.

(Fair warning from Glen himself: it’s rough, raw and depending on your day job maybe NSFW, but you surely won’t want to miss footage of one of the spots where ‘horse hunting’ first entered our very own Urban Flyfishers’ Dictionary…)

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