Film night: Urban trout – not surprise, but expectation?

If you managed to attend the Wild Trout Trust’s Virtual Get Together in September this year, you might have seen this video as part of the Trout in the Town update…

… but even if you did, we reckon you’ll enjoy spending ten minutes watching it for a second time.

Back in the depths of lockdown, of course, there’s the obvious pleasure of flashing back to trout season, and seeing WTT’s Paul Gaskell expertly nymphing fish after fish from a classic high-walled northern stream.

But from a more philosophical standpoint, it’s also well worth pondering one of his final thoughts:

Far from being surprised that wild trout can now be found in many post-industrial rivers like these, shouldn’t we actually expect them to be living there happily?

And maybe start asking questions when they’re not?

To catch up with the whole programme of presentations from the Wild Trout Trust’s Virtual Get Together 2020, click here.

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