Fish where you live: Science hints at the real health values of blue-green spaces in our towns and cities

Fish where you live

New results from a 5-year research project carried out by the University of Exeter show that moving to greener spaces in towns and cities can have positive, lasting health benefits.

From a summary in a property feature in last week’s Metro:

The study traced 1,000 people living in British cities for 5 years and found those living in greener surroundings reported less mental distress and higher life satisfaction, even after taking into account income, employment, marital status, physical health and housing type. 

The research showed that living close to green space positively impacts upon mental health, and the effects can continue long after the initial move, suggesting long-term and sustained benefits for local communities.

Given this solid baseline of data, is it too much of a stretch to voice what most readers of this blog must already be thinking: does having access to green urban space with a river running through it, and then being able to fish where you live, bring even bigger benefits in health and wellbeing?

More research needed has got to be our ongoing excuse… but we strongly suspect we know the answer anyway?

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