Fly Culture magazine: Trout on the Train

A couple of months ago, we posted a fishing report from the River Tame in Manchester

… essentially a sneak preview of a feature for an exciting new fishing magazine: Pete Tyjas’s Fly Culture. And now the finished article is finally here!

Complete with amazing photos from Paul Gaskell, Trout on the Train provides readers with an urban flyfishers’ view of the kind of environment where lots of anglers still don’t go, and asks everyone to think about how they could help the river in their own town or city:

As you might expect, the River Tame’s trout are beautiful. But they, and their whole river, and so many other trout and rivers like them, need all the help we can give.

So, if there’s a similar river anywhere in your life, overlooked and underappreciated, talk to us at the Wild Trout Trust. You might even want to put your shoulder to the wheel with Woz Andrew to fight for the River Tame…

Issue 1 of Fly Culture is a limited-edition print run of 1,000 magazines, which means it may already have sold out by the time you read this.

But if so, we highly recommend begging, borrowing or even stealing a copy from one of your fishing pals. We promise you it’ll be worth it (and not just for the gorgeous little inner-city Tame!)

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