Pic of the day: CHALK on the Wandle

Thanks to a recent edition of Simon Cooper’s always-entertaining weekly newsletters, we know two things about the crowdfunded CHALK movie (billed as ‘a feature length film celebrating the importance of the chalkstreams of southern England in the history and development of fly fishing’).

Firstly, it’s on: filming has already begun.

Secondly, some of it has been shot on the Wandle in south London, where the locals once taught Frederic Halford himself to cast an upstream dry fly, though we’re told we’ll have to wait a bit to see if, and how, the 21st-century talent caught one of the famous new-era Wandle trout.

(The tantalising screenshot above suggests so, but there are still a few bits of old metal in that stretch beside the scrapyard, so…)

Watch this space for updates!

(Photo: Simon Cooper)

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  1. Steve says:

    This photo reminds me, I was once in South London back in the days at my partners’ place that time. Feeling nostalgic… :/

  2. Gary Hunt says:

    What a great photo ! That’s real Urban fishing and an absolute delight to see fish next to industrial land. Brilliant work Wandle 🙂

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