Pic of the day: Fun in the sun, cleaning up the Frome

It’s fair to say that this photo caused a bit of unexpected kerfuffle when it appeared on Facebook a few days ago (Can you or can’t you legally pull shopping trolleys and other rubbish out of your local river? The authoritative answer: Yes, you can!)

We also say: Kudos to Dan, Simon and Richard and other Friends of the River Frome for clearing four full canoe loads of crap (including 5 shopping trolleys, 2 bicycles, a motor scooter and a huge industrial fan!) out of this lovely little urban river, and Frome Town Council for taking away the rubbish at the end.

Want to help out too? FORF’s next cleanup is scheduled for 10.00am on Saturday 3 June

(Photo: Friends of the River Frome)

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2 Responses to “Pic of the day: Fun in the sun, cleaning up the Frome”

  1. Steve Johnson Jr. says:

    That’s a nice job you guys have done. You deserve the maximum appreciation from the fishing community. Thumbs up!

  2. Rob Finley says:

    Five shopping trolleys??!?! What on earth is wrong with people? Well done guys on the cleanup job but it’s sad really that it is a job that needs doing in the first place!

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