Pic of the day: From Wincanton to the Wandle

Sharing the urban river love is what Urbantrout and Trout in the Town are all about…

… and we know from long experience that there’s no better way to do it than supporting each others’ volunteer events.

A case in point: CATCH chair Gary Hunt recently took a day trip from Somerset to south London, to steal ideas join one of the Wandle Trust’s monthly cleanups, this time at the Goat Bridge gateway to the Wandle Valley Regional Park.

Proving that karma really does exist, all that hard work paid off with the sight of at least one truly huge wild Wandle trout during our later tour of some recent river restoration sites. (And no, this wasn’t before we’d stopped off at the pub for a few pints of the capital’s finest…)

Click here to find out more about other locations in the Wild Trout Trust’s Trout in the Town programme, and get in touch with Paul Gaskell if you’d like more information about starting a project of your own.

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