Pic of the day: Things you see on urban rivers…

… in this case, during a walkover survey of the River Axe for an exciting new Wild Trout Trust project in the hills around the Somerset Levels.

To be honest, we’re slightly agnostic about the main herd of dinos crammed into the ornamental gardens behind the old paper mill at Wookey Hole: that awe-inspiring limestone amphitheatre, with the stream emerging at its base, can surely speak for itself.

But this rogue sauropod with its broken arm and yellow glare, banished to a works compound full of Himalayan balsam way down the river, has a much more feral, unsettling vibe…

… of course you’re sure it’s only fibreglass, but something deep in your own reptilian brain still tells you not to look away for too long, y’know, just in case

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