Pic of the day: Tunnel vision on the Irwell

One of the recurring bonus features of urban fishing is being able to get up close and personal with post-industrial pieces of architecture that few other people ever manage to see…

This year, the Urbantrout team kicked off the trout fishing season on Manchester’s rivers, for the first time in several years. A mere few days after biblical floods had hit the area, the fishing wasn’t the easiest, and we wondered if some of the fish were still displaced, or even whether some rivers like the upper Irwell were still struggling to recover from pollution incidents in the not-so-recent past.

When the fishing turns tough, we all know that tendency towards tunnel vision – focusing ever more tightly on beating the blank.

But, as Adrian and Rich discovered somewhere above Rawtenstall, just looking up from the water can sometimes reward you with another kind of tunnel vision completely…

(Photo: Richard Baker)

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