Pic of the day: Urban paradise

Wandle trout - Theo Pike

What do we mean by posting a second (gasp) successive pic of the day from the Wandle?

We say: well, y’know, it’s Urbantrout’s home water, and when a once-dead city stream is kicking out wild trout of this stamp, we’d be rude not to celebrate our epic good fortune just a little bit.

(Maybe most of all when the backdrop to this perfect fish still included hose pipes, armchairs, bubble wrap, builders’ waste and something essentially car-shaped* that we couldn’t identify for sure… but made a solid rest for the 2-weight rig while we tried not to drop the camera in the river!)

* Disclaimer: it may have been some time since the regular Wandle cleanups visited this secluded spot. We’ll be back.

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