Pics of the day: Starting trout time in Andorra

Andorra 1 - Lucas Hasan Hadid Nunez

Mid-March means the Wild Trout Trust charity auction is done, and trout season is starting all over. So we thought we’d go a little further afield than usual for our latest pics of the day…

… all the way, in fact, to the Riú Gran Valira in Andorra la Vella, where the Pescadors D’Andorra have clearly been celebrating a highly successful start to their season in low water conditions before all that snow melts off the high Pyrenees and sends the river into runoff.

While we were working out permissions for using these shots, photographer Lucas Hasan Hadid Nuñez asked us to be very clear that the Pescadors D’Andorra are all about responsible pesca sin muerte – catch and release.

Which of course we’re more than delighted to do, because the more we hear those 3 magic words from mainland Europe, the really, really happier it makes us…

… and since one of the Urbantrout team has a family apartment in Andorra, we’re thinking let’s jump on a plane to those wonderful concrete canyons as soon as we can!

Andorra 3 - Lucas Hasan Hadid Nunez

Andorra 2 - Lucas Hasan Hadid Nunez

(Photos: Lucas Hasan Hadid Nuñez)

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  1. KenFisher says:

    Nice pics! I have ever come Andorra, I’m going to visit here in this summer. 🙂

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