Sharing the international urban river love: Urbantrout goes to Baltimore

Here in the UK, when we think of American rivers, it’s likely to be the mighty Madison and other Montana rivers that come to mind – or maybe the spring creeks of Pennsylvania that almost mirror the geology and water chemistry of our own chalkstreams.

What’s less well appreciated is that the US (and especially the cities along the eastern seaboard) has just the same kinds of post-industrial rivers as we have in the UK, with many very similar problems and potential community benefits… if anything, on a far larger scale.

So perhaps it’s not surprising to discover that Trout in Dirty Places has resonance for local river restorationists in the US too, and it was a huge honour for the Urbantrout team (well, one of us) to fly over recently and share the UK experience of urban river mending with an expert local audience of Trout Unlimited Maryland members (including the legendary Tom Gamper, pictured above with a lovely urban trout) and their project partners.

Click here to read a full report on the Wild Trout Trust blog!

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