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Trout & Salmon: Jon Beer fishes Holmfirth

Here at Urbantrout, it’s a constant low-level source of entertainment to watch how different angling writers react to the ambiguous challenge of our urban rivers. One or two usually-intrepid international explorers have proved weirdly squeamish (no names, no pack drill!) – while other less obviously gung-ho personalities are clearly super-keen to get stuck into Dirty […]

Urban fly-fishing report: River Holme, Holmfirth

With this year’s northern European trout season winding down all too rapidly… … Urbantrout editors-at-large Rich Baker and Duncan Soar recently took the opportunity to hit Yorkshire’s upper Holme after work. In Duncan’s case, work means professional photography – so the tools of his trade always come easily to hand. No captions needed. This photo […]