Trout & Salmon: Jon Beer fishes Holmfirth

Here at Urbantrout, it’s a constant low-level source of entertainment to watch how different angling writers react to the ambiguous challenge of our urban rivers.

One or two usually-intrepid international explorers have proved weirdly squeamish (no names, no pack drill!) – while other less obviously gung-ho personalities are clearly super-keen to get stuck into Dirty Places anytime, anywhere.

There’s very little clear logic to it.

In spite of his self-effacing camouflage of bumbling, bufferish English schoolmaster, Jon Beer always seems to fall into that second super-keen category. (On reflection, maybe being President of the Wild Trout Trust also has something to do with this).

Now, in the December 2017 issue of Trout & Salmon, Jon is back on the urban river trail again, exploring the hidden underside of Holmfirth that’s now being looked after by River Holme Connections, as well as the original Greenstreams project which appeared in Trout in Dirty Places.

Cream teas in the Wrinkled Stocking Tea Room haven’t made the Urbantrout team’s agenda yet, but maybe Last of the Summer Wine time comes to us all eventually.

But in the meantime, we’ve got to admit, Holmfirth is one of our own favourite urban fishing spots too.

Thanks, Jon, for reminding us why!

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