The Fly Fisher: Bringing urban fishing to a global lifestyle audience

Urban fly-fishing has had an underground vibe for as long as we can remember. Sure, it’s featured on plenty of blogs and charity auction listings, and even some memorable magazine interviews, as well as the book that launched a thousand urban fishing adventures, Trout in Dirty Places

… but we reckon this might be the first time our little niche-within-a-niche has made it into the pages of a proper, full-sized, global creative lifestyle coffee table book.

Complete with photos from talented paparazzo Duncan Soar on an Urbantrout mission to Manchester, as well as Ole Ragowski and Simon Stablein of Flyrus on Berlin’s River Spree, our urban fishing and river mending philosophy gets a whole 8 pages in this amazing new publication, launched this week by Gestalten.

The Fly Fisher is packed with full-colour, full-bleed photography, so it’s utterly beautiful to look at, but there’s a progressive message in its text too.

Urban fly-fishing is just one of several strong environmental stories, alongside (for instance) Brothers on the Fly and their new-media promotion of environmental causes like catch and release, and the Leeway Collective’s efforts to save many Balkan rivers which are threatened by hydropower developments.

As the text says, “the idea that trout only live in beautiful places no longer applies to the modern breed of urban fly fishers – in the 21st century it’s much more accurate to argue that no place where trout live can ever be truly ugly”.

Click here to preview and order your copy today!

(Photo: Jan Blumentritt)

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