Trout in the Town: Rocking out in Bruton

Trout in the Town is the Wild Trout Trust’s project to help community groups look after their local rivers in towns and cities across the UK.

In recent months (and off and on since 2015) the Trust has been working with the Brue CREW community group in Somerset, as part of the award-winning Hills to Levels programme, to improve an urban stretch of the River Brue in Bruton.

What with design tweaks, uncertain weather, transport logistics, budget constraints and all the other kinds of black swan issues that urban river restorationists come to expect and sometimes even love…

… simply notching a weir and building two low-level berms has proved quite a saga.

But now the rocks have finally been dropped into place, with help from lots of enthusiastic volunteers, and the whole story is told on the Wild Trout Trust blog.

Click here to read all about it, if you haven’t already!

Update: this project has now been reported in the Mendip Times: click here to read the online version (scroll through to page 6)

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