Urban fly-fishing report: Rea Brook, Shrewsbury

1 - Travelling light - Spencer Clayton

Spring is springing in the urban edgelands, and Urbantrout correspondent Spencer Clayton has been celebrating May Day on Shrewsbury’s magical little Rea Brook…

I travelled light today, heading towards Shrewsbury by train from Wolverhampton station, reached Whitecroft Road at 11.30am and walked the banks, fishing upstream. 

It was chilly and rained until 2pm, so I did expect to see a few rising fish and some fly life, but there were hardly any bugs hatching, and no rising fish. 

So I fished an upstream Baetis nymph with 5 – 6ft of a used copolymer leader, extended with 2 – 3ft of 3.5lb fluorocarbon (Rio Fluoroflex Plus) tippet. This approach still didn’t bring me any trout, but I did catch a few out of season grayling, all quickly released, and some of a very good size. 

I finished off at Meole Brace Bridge, then walked back along the A5191 back into Shrewsbury, and crossed the English Bridge over the River Severn. There are plenty of great buildings to have a look at, and lots of old pubs to get a refreshment or two!

Stay safe out there, Spencer… we’ve been hearing some disturbing reports from the Rea Brook recently.

2 - Starting point - Spencer Clayton

3 - Riffle and pool - Spencer Clayton

4 - Blue Bridge works - Spencer Clayton

5 - Edgeland riffle - Spencer Clayton

6 - Urban fly rod - Spencer Clayton

7 - Rea Brook Tunnel - Spencer Clayton

8 - Back in Shrewsbury - Spencer Clayton

If you fish an urban river that’s featured in Trout in Dirty Places – or even if it’s not – why not send us your own fishing report to let us know how it’s getting on?

(All photos: Spencer Clayton)

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