Urban fly-fishing report: Rea Brook, Shrewsbury

Rea Brook 2.1 - Spencer Clayton

Urbantrout aficionado Spencer Clayton spent yesterday afternoon on Shrewsbury’s Rea Brook, and sent us this thoughtful late-season update, right from the banks of another of our favourite urban fisheries:

Fished the Rea Brook this afternoon, well to be honest I’m still here, walking along the Rea Valley trail back to town alongside the river. Had several small grayling, 20 branches and a few leaves. Enjoyed my short visit though! 

I’ll be back on site tomorrow, cold and wet, getting the bricks and blocks down for Morris Homes. Nice gap between sites so I refreshed myself on the stream.

Great job, Spencer… this vicarious fishing trip to the edgelands has refreshed us too…

Rea Brook 2.3 - Spencer Clayton

Rea Brook 2.2 - Spencer Clayton

Rea Brook 2.4 - Spencer Clayton

Rea Brook 2.5 - Spencer Clayton

Rea Brook 2.6 - Spencer Clayton

(All photos: Spencer Clayton)

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