Urban fly-fishing report: Rea Brook, Shrewsbury

Orvis Superfine rig - Spencer Clayton

Armed with his trusty Orvis Superfine one-weight (possibly the Official Favourite Ultralight Flyrod of the Urbantrout movement?) Trout in Dirty Places reader Spencer Clayton has sent us another excellent report and evocative set of photos from the Rea Brook’s hidden valley on the outskirts of Shrewsbury:

Today I arrived at the Rea at 12pm after a short train journey from Wolverhampton rail station to Shrewsbury. “Clear water and rising fish”, I thought to myself, but when I got to my starting point at White Hart Road, I found the Rea flowing strongly with a milky colour.

All day I only saw two rises, yet there were a few mayflies and yellow mays coming off the stream, also smaller upwings and gnats. I caught a few grayling (still out of season at that point), and several wild brown trout and parr – all to the nymph, in spite of expecting to fish dry only all day.

Finished fishing at 5pm, and wondered if I should stay to see if the evening brought a few rises, but homeward bound it was with the stroll back into Shrewsbury town.

By coincidence, we’ve just spotted this report over on the Fly Forums too… it’s great to hear about such lovely little urban fisheries providing challenging sport for those prepared to get out there and explore!

Rea Brook colour - Spencer Clayton

Rea Brook arch - Spencer Clayton

Rea Brook sign - Spencer Clayton

Rea Brook riffle - Spencer Clayton

Rea Brook graffiti - Spencer Clayton

Rea Brook at Severn - Spencer Clayton

(All photos: Spencer Clayton)

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