On the rails

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  1. steven Ashworth says:

    Recently moved back from Dumfries where I fished the Annan and Nith. Currently living in Stalybrdge and looking for local fishing. Tried the Goyt and was not impresse. Very dark and muddy with no sign of any rising fish despite reports of big brownies taken on bait. The Tame looks more interesting but access points seem few and far between! Any advice would be appreciated.



    • Theo says:

      Steve, thanks for getting in touch… the upper river around Greenfields is well worth a look, and we’ve had interesting fishing around the junction of the Goyt and the Tame too. For real local insight, however, we’d suggest getting in contact with Warren (Woz) Andrew himself, who may be able to guide you on the river for a day: http://www.merseyriverstrust.org/index.php/about/staff. Let us know how you get on…

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